These days modern design, technology and construction methods mean your new home can be an intrinsically happy place, virtually straight away.

What may have been impossible or almost prohibitively expensive even a decade ago is now very much achievable and affordable.

This evolution of the home environment, coupled with shifting and broadening buyer desires has created a lifestyle that has grown beyond the home but remains inextricably linked to it.

This is not only changing the way we live but it is also allowing us to make the most of our new homes and our new neighbourhood.

This is how.


Home functionality

Looking good is one aspect of Toplace homes but just as important is functionality.

This means basic amenities such as an appropriately sized kitchen,laundry, bathroom and bedrooms, that complement the living space rather than compete with it.

It also means flexible, adaptable living spaces that change as your lifestyle, family and even working from home situation changes, from season to season and year to year.

Many of our designs include dedicated working from home spaces.

So there is space for business, when necessary and play, when needed and the availability of indoor and outdoor living for all lifestyles. Many of our designs include quality, usable study spaces and home offices, giving homeowners a dedicated working from home location.

COVID-19 has reinforced to us all how important it is to have a liveable, interchangeable and comfortable home. This is a need Toplace has aimed to fulfil all along.


A natural home

The clever, yet simple and subtle architectural manipulation of airflow and cross ventilation in our buildings and individual apartments, and the effective utilisation of natural light ensures that your home can maximise its natural cool during the warmer months and natural heat during the colder months.

This serves to achieve room temperature comfort more easily no matter the season and to minimise the costs of energy consumption, involved in heating and cooling your home.

It also helps to create a more natural home environment.

There has been a return to village-style living.


A more important home

Our homes have become far more important spaces as a result of the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Open living spaces are an even more relevant part of that because when we are indoors we want to have know that our areas can have more than one purpose – we can relax there but we can also work from there.

As such our living possibilities are expanded no matter the ages of who lives in them or the size of the families that might call them home. We offer flexible indoor and outdoor spaces that can adapt to your lifestyle and its requirements, 


The shift to village living

There has been a modern shift back to village living and COVID-19 has only served to enhance this. We are living more locally. We are living and working and sleeping and spending our leisure time in the same place or nearby places.

As such, where we live and what nearby amenities are available has become as important as ever. Home buyers are now looking for properties with easily accessible shopping districts, parks and transport. Many of our projects form part of vibrant lifestyle hubs, residential and retail complexes and neighbourhoods where the ideal village lifestyle is right at your doorstep.

It is a lifestyle that becomes an extension of your home.


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