Visions for a beautiful balcony

The trick to unlocking the creative potential of your apartment balcony, is to see the space not as a single dimension. Don’t just see it as a three by two meter space. Think in 3D! The floor space is just one big panel to fill. There is wall space, ceiling space – and spatial volume. This offers the chance to express your take on the ideal outside retreat; a lush garden, a French café, a cocktail cocoon.

How to achieve this look?

Visit Bunnings, Ikea, Temple and Webster – or go online to narrow your search. Outdoor rugs are another great opportunity to offer big impact for little expense. The rugs vary from bold colours, to classic neutrals. Furthermore the range is stylish, hardwearing, water repellent, and easy to keep clean.

To create a ‘green vibe’, your Balcony can’t go past acrylic lawn! Consider adding a foam underlay for a true springy, outdoor experience. Artificial grass is easy to maintain and the price is absolutely doable when there is a small space involved. Buy by the meter, or even by the tile.

Fancy some deck décor?

Check out interlocking wood tiles. Every option is an easy do it yourself project. There is usually one solid wall in a balcony, if not two. These walls are perfect for shelves, stands and benches. If there’s still free space to add detail, try to arrange some (real or artificial) pot plants in the corner of your balcony.

You don’t have to stop here! Candles, sculptures and textures can add real character towards your home. Layer them up the wall or choose a screen of timber or lattice to add depth. It’s important to run the greenery as high as you can, and for extra evening charm, thread some warm coloured fairy lights around the display.

You’re trying to be more ecofriendly?

Buy solar powered lights and you won’t end up chopping power cables in the sliders. In case you want to implement the lights in a more subtle way, add the lights under, or behind the objects (including the shelving), to create a cozy glow effect. If it’s possible, use the ceiling of the balcony as an anchor for hanging more delights. Paper lanterns can look gorgeous with strings of small, coloured ones creating a cheerful hit of colour.

Still have some odd spaces?

Add some round shaped planters. The railing/balustrade can be softened by purpose designed planters– but be aware of house rules, and where any watering run off will go.


There are so many options. People instantly think ‘three pieces’, but search out a design that enhances your theme. Timber goes with green spaces, filigree for the café vibes, and sun lounges for a holiday atmosphere. Keep an eye out for clever deals on such things as bench seating, which allows for extra guests to enjoy the space and if in box form, offer welcome storage options.

You can lift the intimacy of a balcony with an umbrella, or if space is tight, use a half umbrella. Yes, they do exist, and while looking for that, consider a half table top that fits over the balustrade.  Café au lait anyone? Just step outside.\

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