A big part of the excitement of buying your own apartment is making it your own. Selecting a colour scheme and pieces that reflect your personality can be lots of fun. There are tips and tricks that work in every design space, all you need is courage and a little cash.

Here are 10 top styling tips to get you started.

  1. Big ticket items such as sofas, despite the cost, should not be left to stand alone. Cushions are the easiest go to for added interest, mixing texture and shapes is the key. Get more than squares, try the lumbar shape as well. A current look is to keep in the same shade pallete such as greys on greys, but make sure there is some stand-out detail such as beads or fringes, or mix the patterns. Perfect throws are easy to find and enhance that cosy, layered feel while adding to the all-important texture.
  2. Now’s the chance to add a flash of colour. If you’re looking for inspiration, each year Dulux forecasts the ‘in’ colour palettes. The latest are: Retreat – warm white, brown-based neutrals and dusty blues; Nourish – buff neutrals, soft olive and muted ochre; and Reset, an energetic palette of blue-greens and reds.
  3. A fabulous way to add more ‘story’ to your apartment is to pay attention to dead space – such as corners. These are great spots to create styled vignettes. Find at least three elements for example: A small coffee table, or even a stool; A framed picture, a small sculpture, or a beautiful shell; A potted plant (faux is fine); and maybe a pretty dish for your keys. Pop vignettes anywhere you want to add some of your favourite things.
  4. Corners are also great for a favourite optical allusion. Place two larger (bigger the better) mirrors on each wall of the corner, as close as possible. The effect is a huge space creator, plus it moves light everywhere, and adds visual and spatial depth. It’s a winner. Mirrors are genius for any apartment, hang them or just lean large, framed ones against the wall.
  5. Art choices for walls have driven the strongest home decorators to tears. Make it easier to change your mind and add a track hanging system at the top of the wall. That way you can swap and change what’s hanging around in seconds.
  6. Nothing beats table and standard lamps. They add more than light to a scene, they add atmosphere and style. Consider a sofa table behind the couch, add some stacked books, and two table lamps.  This will add height and flattering incandescent light.
  7. Is the view from your new apartment less than stellar? Easy fixes include adding window furniture (the cool way of saying blinds, curtains and shutters), or depending on where the blight is, add another plant.
  8. Many of us dream about having beautiful bedding, but put it in the luxury category. Now’s the time to make it a priority. It will add so much to an otherwise bland bedroom. Again, remember texture, as much as colour.
  9. A beautiful rug can make a room – colour, texture, size and shape all come into play in choosing the perfect one. London interior designer Samuel Pye says it well: “It’s like a piece of artwork; it will either bring everything in your room together, or completely change it.”
  10. Be smart with your budget; you can get great lights at K-Mart, good cushions at Spotlight and coffee tables at Freedom. However, there is equal delight in buying from Designer Rugs and Coco Republic, importing from Nickey Kehoe in Los Angeles, or discovering some special vintage pieces at a local auction house.

If you’re an investor, first home, buyer, downsizer or rightsizer looking for a new home, please reach out to the team at Toplace and let us know how we can help you.

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