At one time, it was only the rich or famous who were able to afford a pool attendant, a landscaper and a maintenance supervisor.  Yet today’s new apartment owner can expect these perks and more when they move into a top complex.

Anyone who lives in a house will be all too familiar with the ritual and constancy of home maintenance.  Weekends of garden chores, mowing lawns and cleaning out gutters, as rewarding as they can be, become less fun when demands on your time ramp up. There’s always the thought of, ‘What else could I be doing?’

The essence of apartment living is freedom, convenience and community. And at every stage of life, the benefits of apartment living increase. For younger buyers, the top benefit is that the purchase price is often more affordable than a house. For the older buyer, selling up the family home and buying an apartment is an opportunity to reduce mortgage payments, or perhaps even pay it out.  For all buyers, it’s an opportunity to clean out years of possessions and discover the beautiful simplicity of apartment living.

In fact, some families who enjoy the apartment lifestyle have pointed out that this consideration of less space has been beneficial to raising their children. It is not so much minimalism, but living a more considered life. Space is prized, junk is not. Lesson learned.

Of course, a mature buyer, whether a couple or a single, will also reap the benefits. There’s less effort needed to keep everything tip top at home and ultimately that leaves more time for pleasurable pursuits. One day soon we will be able to travel again, and here’s where apartment living really comes into its own. Nothing will beat packing your bags and locking the front door behind you, without a second thought for home and garden maintenance or security. It’s one of the many reasons newly retired people often choose to downsize into a luxury apartment.

Designers of contemporary apartment complexes have provided wonderful communal spaces to encourage residents to socialise and develop a sense of community.  Common areas often include rooftop terraces with views across the district and garden areas ideal for entertaining.

These shared spaces see neighbours catching up for an evening glass of wine, or a morning cuppa, or even to chat over an arts or craft project in a communal work space.

It is remarkably easy to make friends and fit into an apartment community; and there’s never any thought about how to get to a catch-up or how to make it safely home.

In fact, improved safety is one of the key attractions for apartment buyers.  It’s usual for apartment complexes to provide at least two layers of initial security: the building front door, and the apartment front door controlled by intercoms and key codes. Even your car, or bike, is locked away safely – and you never have to search for a parking spot. And the best security of all? Having good friends close by. Belonging to a caring community, especially in these difficult times, has never been more beneficial.

Apartment living is a step up to the high life, with resort features, and the pleasures and security of living in not just a beautiful home, but also a new community.

If you’re an investor, first home, buyer, downsizer or rightsizer looking for a new home, please reach out to the team at Toplace and let us know how we can help you.

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