Building quality developments that fulfil the needs and aspirations of local communities.

With history dating back to 1992, Toplace Group is proudly one of Australia’s largest privately owned building, construction and property development companies.

Toplace Group’s founder Jean Nassif has delivered approximately 30,000 residential homes, shopping centres and commercial suites all located in Sydney, New South Wales.

The Toplace Group has a number of projects, a multi-billion dollar development pipeline and a team of thousands of property and construction trades, suppliers and consultants.

Through careful market analysis, the Toplace Group identifies locations where it is anticipated to provide value for owners, investors and the community at large.

Strategic planning and architectural design excellence ensures a secure investment for Toplace owner occupiers and investors alike and providing a lifestyle of rich convenience in connected communities.

Toplace collaborates with leading architects in Sydney to ensure remarkable buildings are delivered  in response to evolving design and lifestyle trends.

Giving back to the community is paramount; Toplace puts the community first and has built additional roads, parks and other vital community facilities into its residential apartment developments



Apartments, Commercial Spaces & Shopping Centres Developed



Experienced Network of Staff, Consultants & Trade



Years’ Experience of Founder & Managing Director

Our Founder

Jean Nassif is the owner and founding director of the Toplace Group which is amongst Australia’s largest privately owned development and construction companies. Jean has personally delivered approximately 30,000 premium residential apartments, shopping centres and commercial suites across Sydney, New South Wales.

Jean had aspirations of becoming a property developer early in life and he undertook a Civil Engineering Degree in Beirut, Lebanon. Due to the Lebanese civil war, Jean migrated to Australia in 1988 where he immediately commenced work in the construction industry establishing a formwork, concreting and steel fixing company.

He later obtained his Australian Builders Licence in 1992 and created what would later become known as the Toplace Group, commencing his first residential property development project located in Boundary Street, Parramatta in Sydney’s western suburbs. In 2006, Jean completed a Master of Science in the field of Construction Management from Somerset University.

Despite his busy schedule as Managing Director of the Toplace Group, he is also the Founding Director of the Wiping Tears Charity Foundation which provides financial support to families in need. Jean is also recognised for his extensive support to charitable associations and the broader community through the Toplace Group.