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News 19 May, 23

Bedrooms are now more than just a sleep space

While bedrooms are still primarily a sleep environment, they are not just an area where people can snooze. Today’s bedrooms are no longer simply a room with a bed. According to a recent study led by UNSW Sydney, traditional sleep spaces are being used for various purposes and becoming more multifunctional in response to growing …

News 19 May, 23

What’s the property cycle and its stages

The property cycle refers to the periodic fluctuation of property prices and demand in the real estate market. This cycle is influenced by various factors, including interest rates, population growth, economic performance and government policies. Understanding the property cycle is crucial for anyone who wants to invest in real estate, as it helps them identify …

Article 15 May, 23

How to add value to a home

Adding value to a home can be easy but it is also important to avoid mistakes. Tired and dated homes have struggled to win over buyers in the past 18 months, but could be set for a renaissance this year. PropTrack economist Anne Flaherty said in the past, many buyers, particularly market entrants, wanted a …

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The Wiping Tears Charitable Foundation is a non-profit charity designed to help families in need. Our aim is to give immediate assistance to these families and provide opportunities to help get their lives back to “normal” after various unfortunate experiences. We don’t just give a shoulder to cry on, we also wipe tears no matter what the situation. That is why our services range from medical support to providing educational funding, from financially supporting underprivileged people in their daily lives to local food bank donations.