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News 08 Jul, 22

Plan ahead with city apartment options

More than 1000 Sydney apartments are in the pipeline for buyers as Toplace Group construct three key projects for completion by 2025. One of Australia’s largest privately-owned building, construction and property development companies, Toplace Group uses careful market analysis to identify locations where it is anticipated to provide value for owners and investors with construction …

News 29 Apr, 22

How to choose the right mortgage

Your property is probably your largest asset and you owe it to yourself to ensure you have the best mortgage underpinning it. Ensure you are paying the lowest rate you can, and investigate other types of mortgages that might suit you better. The huge choice is also making it pretty confusing, with lots of lenders, …

News 25 Mar, 22

Credit Scores and why they are important

Recent research by comparison service Choosi found one-third of Australians don’t understand the factors that impact their credit score. But what are credit scores? Lenders use a credit score (or credit rating) to decide whether to give credit or lend money and knowing this can help people negotiate better deals, or understand why a lender …

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The Wiping Tears Charitable Foundation is a non-profit charity designed to help families in need. Our aim is to give immediate assistance to these families and provide opportunities to help get their lives back to “normal” after various unfortunate experiences. We don’t just give a shoulder to cry on, we also wipe tears no matter what the situation. That is why our services range from medical support to providing educational funding, from financially supporting underprivileged people in their daily lives to local food bank donations.